August 21, 2013

Wouldn't You Want to Know What Education Decision Makers are Doing?

Wouldn't you like to know what Superintendents are doing?
What information they are searching for?
What education material they plan to invest in?

After all, they are considered to be the CEOs of institutions. Superintendents are the most sought after profiles in the education industry. As they decide how money is invested, they approve annual operating budgets and they would be the most likely person who would be interested in what you have to offer to an institution.

K12 Lists provides customized Education Marketing Databases that allow you to select customized data based on your business requirement. Our marketing database tracks prospect activity, gathers leads and enables nurturing by sending campaigns. Here’s what you gain from our education marketing databases:
  • It provides prospect intelligence including lead activity.
  • It provides information on the life cycle of the lead from when initial contact is made.
  • It enables segmentation of buyer groups to enable targeted communication.

Databases from K12 Lists helps you nurture a lead up to a conversion point, after which your sales team can take over. 

Our targeted databases can be selected based on school calendars, sizes of institutes, programs offered, technologies being used, student enrolment figures and certifications available.  You can adopt a multi-channel marketing approach to connect with relevant prospects through various channels, using detailed information from our databases.

Market to education decision makers with customer-centric eyes. 

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