August 29, 2013

Be Active on Social Media to Connect with Education Experts

“78 percent of Internet users look online for information about a service or product they are thinking of buying”, according to the Pew Research Center. 

Like everyone, even educators go online to find information about educational products. They read digital publications and are active on social networking sites. There is an emerging trend of ‘edu-bloggers’ who write personal blogs and about their experience and interactions with education marketing companies and the use of products. 

This group of education experts, education technologists and passionate teachers are nowadays actively blogging, podcasting and conducting webinars. 

Why you need to connect with this group?
  • These social communities provide a huge opportunity to communicate, interact and listen to this strategic group of decision makers.
  • Educators are more likely to buy products that are recommended by other educators about those organizations that understand and support their needs.
  • This is a good avenue to build public relations and gain brand visibility through word-of-mouth advertising.

You need to observe online conversations
You need to share product information through various channels
You need to participate and connect with you audience through social media
If you want your brand voice to be heard by education decision makers.

At K12 Lists, we have social media information of exclusive contacts in the education industry.

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