August 19, 2013

Keep Your Data Current…Connect With Key People in the Education Industry

  • Superintendents and key people in the education industry are changing jobs by the day
  • The people responsible for making buying decisions change frequently
If you do not have an updated database on contacts in the education industry today, it is more likely your marketing message is reaching the wrong person. Like any other B2B business, the quality of your data determines the outcome of your campaigns and the strategic decisions your business makes.

Data Cleansing is almost a ritual at K12 Lists. Here’s the rigorous quality process we follow to ensure your data is current, relevant, accurate and complete.
  1. Identification of non working fields
  2. Replacement of this data with current information
  3. Replacement of addresses using NCOA
  4. Identification of undelivered emails
  5. Replacement of undeliverable emails using ECOA
  6. Verification and validation of domains
  7. Identification of dead domains
  8. Identification of incorrect syntax in emails
  9. Identification of invalid email ids
  10. Check on data values in compliance with defined standards and parameters
  11. De-duping and ensuring data is accurate
  12. Manual consolidation and verification of data

With a comprehensive data quality process, you can be sure the education marketing database you obtain from us is clean, green and optimized to provide you with desired results.

Connecting With Key Executives Couldn’t Get Any Better

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