August 30, 2013

Is Your Education Database Up to Date?

  • Administrators in the district change every minute,
  • Teachers change jobs and roles every month,
  • A new school opens every month,
  • A school shuts down every year.

Are you up to date with this information?

Every new detail of information you add to your database will increase the chances of improving your connection with your market.

Analytics and decision making heavily rely on data, and it will have a huge impact on business if it is not updated or accurate. Data appending is what ensures that the length, depth and breadth of your data to facilitate conversion and increase in revenues. By not appending your database regularly, it invariably results in hard bounce emails and cold leads.

We are sure you do not use just tele-calling to reach your prospects. You would also rely on email marketing, social media marketing and traditional, direct marketing. For that, we understand you require complete contact details for each contact on your database. Contact details which are updated, credible and relevant.

For those marketers who use a multi-channel approach
Optimize your existing database

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