August 1, 2013

Get to Know Your Market Before You Market – Use K12 Education Marketing Databases

As education database marketers, it is important to know the email habits of educational decision makers. In a recent survey by Market Research Institute, Inc., an interesting observation was made on the email habits, behavior and preferences of K-12 educators towards email promotions and marketing. Take a look:
  • Majority of educators were email savvy. 
  • 71% of teachers explored new products and services online at school.
  • 8 out 10 teachers followed their school emails even during summer breaks.
  • 51% of educators said they were more likely to purchase or request for educational material over the summer for the upcoming school year.
  • Buying habits - There is an increase in spending power by most educators and the timing of institutional investments is more flexible than earlier.
  • 82% teachers stated they use personal funds to purchase educational products, and 62% said they use school budgets.
  • 60% said they approximately spend less than $500 on educational products

Source: MCH Strategic Data and School Market Research Institute, Inc. (SMRI)

In order to resonate with the target market, what education database marketers need to write about should be related to information about their work, tips on how to motivate students, how to be a better educator, how to involve parents and how to impress school administrators.

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Contact key decision making educators 
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