October 4, 2016

Are you a Principal of Change?

Principal is a leader guiding schools to better teaching and learning. They are always in a paradoxical position. As we all know that old educational programs are no longer suitable because it did not match the industry needs and requirements. So it is highly required for principals to bring in change to their schools. Here are few highly effective changes that Principals need to really improve their schools. They are:

Discipline: It is nothing but guiding students and helping them to learn what is expected, and it is main the thing that principal need to concentrate on. It is a key component to effective school management. Every individual has their own type of discipline to follow, henceforth every Principal have their own discipline strategy which they try to introduce in their schools. These different types of disciplines are categorized into 3 types and they are Preventative Discipline, Corrective Discipline and Supportive Discipline. 

Academic curriculum: Principals should identify the potential in students and help them to develop academic confidence and independence. Academic curriculum is lessons taught in a specific school program. They should be designed and developed in such a way that areas of challenge may be strengthened and help students to reach their road to success. 

Extracurricular activities: As we all know that extracurricular fall outside the domain of the normal curriculum of school, so School Principal need to give the same importance to it. Principal should allow students to get involved in activities outside the classroom as involving in extracurricular have various beneficiaries such as student-led initiatives.

Nurturing student teacher relationship: Principal's main role in improving their school is to nurture student teacher relationship. In order to make it easy, there should be a lot of interactions between students and teachers and also teachers should be friendly with their students and help them solve all their academic activities. Principal should make way for students to communicate to their teachers at every level and not only during specific 40 minutes course period. 

Building relationship with other schools: Principal should build a positive relationship with other schools so that students can take part in inter-school academic and extra curricular activities, so that they will have higher scope for improvement and will learn new things. And also should allow students to work closely with each other to meet their mutual goals. 

However, School Principal, as an administrator should think wisely about their educational mission, academic program, community relationships and organizational structure. 

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September 16, 2016

5 Types of Teachers to find in U.S. Schools

When we talk about schools first thing comes to our mind is "Teachers". If you are reading this, it just because of a Teacher. Only teachers can teach a broad spectrum of subjects including science, math, English, art and even technology. They also teach in different classroom settings like active learning, scaffolded learning, sheltered instruction and many more. Teachers have a huge ramification on many aspects in their career as in the USA there are two types of Schools and they are Public Schools and Private Schools which includes elementary schools, high schools, junior high schools and senior high schools where each classroom is a different setting and has it's own challenges and benefits. Teachers can be classified into different categories such as funny teachers, strict teachers, friendly teachers, perfectionist teachers and lenient teachers. 

Now lets us take a look at different types of teachers in US Schools,

Grade Level Teachers:  When it come to K12 Education system, schools in the USA are divided into grade levels and if students' age is five they can be enrolled to kindergarten from there will be proceeding from grade one to grade twelve. As there are different grade levels, there will be different teacher teaching for each grade as there will be different phases of development and students needs also vary from time to time. 

Subject Teachers: Subject Teachers will be teaching various subjects to students including math, science and English. They mainly focus on one subject either it can be science, art, technology or etc. as they should focus on a specific discipline. 

Music Teachers: Every School will be having a teacher for teaching Music for students as an extra subject. Music Teachers will provide instructions in music theory and performance. They will be having music education and have proficiency in musical instruments and be able to read music so that they can transfer them to their students. 

Dance Teachers: Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. Dance teachers are the one who transfers dance performance skills and knowledge to students. 

One of the best ways to extract knowledge is by having regular interaction with teachers, as they provide the best solution for most of the problems and equations. 

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September 14, 2016

Recent Trends in K12 Education

When it comes to the education system, there are so many new things to be known. As technology changes the world, it also changes the education system. From past few years, computer and internet's evolution is staggeringly fast. Everything on this earth has been changed extremely these years and this includes K12 Education System as well. According to the latest news, there are videos for doing homework and classwork. E-learning is the most rapidly growing and changing field in this Education System. Educators should start adopting to the new education system to keep up with the recent advances in technology to better teach their students. Check out some of the popular trends in K12 Education System,

Using Internet and Social Media as a Teaching Tool: As the technologies are developing, most of the student use computer and the internet and social media networks to share their thoughts and also to support each other. Educators should make use of this technology to get in touch with their students and hear their thoughts.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is rapidly changing the education system and models for leveraging and deploying technology in education institutions and K12 learning environments. Adding to it cloud computing provides access to an extensive range of educational materials.
Simulation Learning: As per the new study, simulation is the best way to help students to understand both lessons in the classroom and the world at large. As education system moves onto the web, each and every teacher will want to add this simulation learning to his or her repertoire.

Students Teaching Teachers:  It will be better for students if they get the opportunity to tell their teachers what things to be improved in their classroom. K12 Education System gives this great opportunity to its students to give pointers to their teachers so that they can understand their lesson better.

These are the most recent trends in K12 Education System, promising that the education in the country is improving and giving better results than before.

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