August 22, 2013

Is Technology Replacing Teachers, Or Enhancing Education?

Many people categorize the education industry in the non-profit sector. However that’s not the reality. 

The K-12 space has had ‘for profit’ organizations or institutions from the beginning. Whether it was the people who built schools, the textbook publishers or the people for supplied the infrastructure. So, it shouldn’t come by surprise when marketers today talk about education investment in areas such as eLearning or new software and hardware technology that will enhance the learning experience.

More than the perceiving education institutions as for profit or non-profit, what is more important is to understand the value new technology brings to advance the educational experience. A helpful way to market education marketing products is know how technology is used and perceived in schools.
  • Use of Technology Just Because It’s There – Many K-12 schools use technology just because its present in the room. It’s used mainly as an add-on and has no particular impact on the learning experience.
  • Use of Technology to Do Old Things - Many teachers and students now use technology to do old things such as writing, presenting and finding information. For instance, instead of writing, students now use Word Processors; instead of presenting on chalk boards, teachers use LCD projectors; and instead of searching for information in encyclopedias, they browse the Internet.
  • Use of Technology to Do New Things – Schools are realizing that education technology provide endless possibilities in enabling new ways of learning. For instance, students with new communication technologies can learn from people anywhere in the world, making it a seamless platform for knowledge-exchange. Students can choose what learning and information they wish to get, making it more relevant and meaningful to their journey of learning and development. 

Technology is fairly accepted among schools today. It is not stigmatized as a replacement for teachers; instead it’s considered to be a tool that provides a nurturing eco-system to enable new ways of learning, growth and development of students, teachers and the whole schooling system.

Let Educators Know How Technology Will Help Them 

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