August 16, 2013

'When' You Market Is As Important What You Market in the Education Industry

  • 180,000 K-12 public schools in Hawaii opened on August 5th
  • 1.1 million K-12 schools in New York will not be open until September 9th

This big difference in time zones, demographics and geography should have a huge impact on how you need to strategize your marketing plans.

As marketers, campaigns have been customized based on customer behavior and buying patterns, such as holiday campaigns for Cyber Monday or Black Friday. You think this would work the same in the education industry? Where you can have campaigns for specific seasons, like the ‘back to school’ season or the summer vacation season?

You need to time your marketing messages to be relevant to when the market is ready and willing to buy. For instance,
  • 2.7 percent of parents shop during the first week of school
  • 3.2 percent of parents shop after school has started
  • 72 percent of parents typically shop I week to 1 month before school begins!

This gives you a big window of opportunity to understand when the right time is to market to parents, schools and institutions. 
There is a budget kept aside for investment in education
You just need to know the right time to market
And to whom to market
Here’s where K12 Lists helps you in connecting with relevant contacts in the education industry.

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