August 28, 2013

Connect With Education Thought Leaders via Social Media

Like any other sector, the education industry is also driven by social media. And those marketers not in the network are surely missing out on opportunities to engage and connect with education thought leaders and decisions makers.

In a recent discussion between Glen McCandless, Founder and President of Focus Marketing and Charlene Blohm, Founder & President, C. Blohm & Associates, they discussed social media channels used by educators and how educators can join these networks to connect with thought leaders in the education industry.

Here are the key takeaways:

As the use of social media by educators and school administrators continues to increase, marketers need to be up to date and present at the right place and right time in order to be heard. They need to use the power of social media to connect with and engage their target market relevantly.

Wish you had a list of exclusive contacts of educators, administrators or principals with complete details of social media handles? At K12 Lists, our database is integrated with social media details of each and every contact. 
Listen to your audience
Participate in their conversations
Connect with your market in the Socialsphere

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