August 26, 2013

90% of School Administrators Prefer Conversations. Are You Listening?

  • Finding it tough to get the attention of district administrators and school principals? The ones who approve budgets?
  • Don’t you think they are tired of sales presentations about the same message of company history, customer satisfaction, features, reliability and benefits?
  • And when it comes to making a decision, administrators find it difficult to differentiate between one products or service from another.

According to industry experts,
  • 90% of decision makers mentioned they prefer having a conversation over watching a slide show.
  • 67% of them stated they preferred buying from companies that created a “buying experience." 

As students are more responsive to new learning methods, decision makers in the education market too are more responsive to new buying experiences. If you want to capture the attention of key contacts in the education market, here’s a simple formula:

Keep it simple
Keep it interesting
Keep it engaging
Keep it powerful
Make it an experience that administrators are likely to remember, when making that important decision.

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