February 27, 2017

6 Tools and Apps for every student in Secondary Schools for K12 Lists

What makes a secondary school worth studying in for a student? In most cases, what the school offers in terms of education tools or applications that kindle the interest in them to do better in their studies and understand technology even better. The role of classroom technology helps students understand the usage of a new tool that is designed to improve their learning. Education apps may increase in number, but secondary schools need to stick to certain apps and tools that adhere to the secondary school education pattern. Let us walk you through 6 most used education apps and tools in secondary schools:


Are you inquisitive about an app which is all game and yet provides some learning? This app includes both game and learning modes; so they can get facts about anything related to their subjects. It can be installed on iPhone. Students can play games answering certain questions, related to the information they receive, against the clock. Thereby, they can score points.


Want to create mind-blowing quizzes? This app has it all to help teachers with features that help them to create fun quizzes for classroom interaction. This app uses Google Forms, meaning it works online. It is free to install and helps teachers to custom-build quizzes for students as per their grades, for instance, secondary school students.

Spelling City 

Spell check students? Spelling City comes with 25 web-based spelling games. The words can be connected to make a sentence, and also add vocabulary to classroom content. This app also helps to share the class room spelling sessions with parents. Get the version free on iPhone or iPad.


Teachers, do you want your students to name the images they create or download from a source? Then why not help them with Thinglink? This app allows one to include text to images. Alternatively, a video or a website link can be added to the image. So, students, how about making your visual assignment efforts more likable by your teachers?


Student turned Google users can switch to instaGrok for all web related information on education. This search engine furnishes images, videos, and articles, etc. depending on every student’s inquiry, and thereby, develops research abilities. Your students’ research topic search will enhance and become more to-the-point with regular practice.


Infographic is the in thing in education now. So, what are you thinking students and teachers? Why not include Easel.ly in your to-use app for studies? This tool renders a set of themes to be used on any blank canvas. For instance, the USA map with statistics settings. Why would you not want to introduce it in your curriculum as part of classroom technology?

What is the prize of an effort if it is not challenged? So, teachers and students, challenge your skills with technology and groom your skill-set with the latest versions of educational tools and apps.

Written By: Jennifer Einstein
Written For: K12 Lists

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February 23, 2017

Are You Cut Out For High School? Find out with This Quiz!

High school is a very crucial stage for building up a student's academic career. This specific stage helps the students to enhance knowledge, as well as prepare them to face the “real world” outside. After completing primary education, students start their journey towards the higher academic path. High schools are the primary base - standing on which students begin their journey of specialized education. This very period allows them to gradually proceed towards their dream of becoming someone. But, wait! First, you have to make sure that you are mentally/intellectually and emotionally prepared to crack the admission tests! The academic pressure is going to be a lot and it’s a good idea to know if you are cut out for the high school life or not!

High School Mailing List
Classroom Education - High School Mailing Lists
Here are some practice questions that will help you to find out if you are ready for high school or you need some more time to prepare:

1) Which of the following is most similar in meaning to “particular”?

a) Special b) Simple c) Careful d) Specific e) Obvious

2) In a coded language- MISE KUMP GOTH means MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM, GOTH WUIM FREK KOMP means MOM IS MERRY TODAY, and KIMP WUIM FREK KOMP. Now, which coded word means “Christmas”?


3) Four of the following words are similar in a certain way. Find the odd one out.

a) Peculiar b) Conventional c) Conservative d) Traditional e) Typical

4) Rachel purchased a second hand car for $6,000 and paid 15% deposit. How much he has still left to pay?

a) $900 b) $5,000 c) $4,500 d) $5,100 e) None of these

5) According to this series, what number should come next?- 7,10,8,11, 9,12,...?

a) 7 b) 10 c) 13 d) 24 e) 12

6) Marathon is to race as Hibernation is to...?

a) Bear b) Dream c) Winter d) Sleep e) Period

7) Yard is to inch as Quart is to...?

a) Liquid b) Milk c) Ounce d) Gallon e) Unit

8) People “speculate” when they consider a situation and assume something to be true based on inconclusive evidence. According to you, which situation below can be the best example for the word “speculation”?
  1. George spends 35 minutes sitting in traffic and wishes that he could take the bus instead of driving
  2. When John opened the gate with tears, Emily guessed that he had a death in his family
  3. Frankie decides that it would be appropriate to wear jeans and t-shirt in her new office on Friday after reading about “Casual Fridays” in her employee handbook
  4. Elsa decided to keep the meeting on Sunday, as she has to for the weekly book-club meeting on Saturday
  5. After consulting several travel agents, Alex is now confident about the hotel she has chosen

If you are able to answer these questions correctly, getting into one of the best high schools in the USA will not be a problem for you! All the best with that!

Answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-D, 5-B, 6-D, 7-C, 8-2

Written By: Linda Martin
Written For: K12 Lists

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February 14, 2017

4 Issues faced by the USA Middle Schools

The USA has 9 million plus students attending public middle schools. The term ‘middle’ suggests the intermediary. In America, middle schools are the bridge between elementary schools and high schools. These schools may comprise grades from 6 to 8; so this indicates the phase of the early teens. But research has to say that Middle schools have adverse effect on students’ behavior. Some teens show aloofness, estrangement from school, and less accomplishment.

So, how did the middle school concept begin? What was the aim behind its establishment? History accounts back to the 1980s, when education reformers took a firm decision on supporting the middle schooling concept. So, instead of using the age-old junior high school, they intended to build an educational platform exclusive to young teenagers. The grade system was changed from grades 7 to 9 to grades 6-8 for developing student responsiveness towards this new structure and education practices.

List of Middle Schools in USA

While, this approach has brought about the well-being of middle school students as it has found involvement from dedicated educators, groundbreaking reformers, and private educational foundation; middle schools, in general, have not yet been able to fight the various challenges to their full potential. 4 major challenges in the face of middle schooling are:

  1. Academic progress consistent yet slow

    Since the 1970s, till this date, approximately 70% of the U.S.public-school students in the 8th grade has been failing to acquire higher level of achievement in national tests based on subjects such as Science and Maths. Not only this, Afro-American kids and Latinos have demonstrated low performance in reading and reciting as compared to their white peers. This is irrespective of their parents having college education. Summer programs including reading practicals by schools before the students reach the 6th grade and Math courses after that will surely pull the bar up in developing their cognitive skills, memory and analytical skills.

  2. Not-so positive factors affecting student behavior

    The conditions for learning that can become the major reasons behind the students’ cognition absorbing ability are still very infirm. For instance, social-emotional factors and motivational reasons affect the well-being and academic performance. The signs of students’ detachment from practical and social happenings and surroundings, not only mean low interest in extra-curricular activities, but also mean that their overall mental achievement will be quite less. As per National school safety statistics any physical conflict happening in middle schools can lead to emotional suffering within students which can perturb their academic performance. A school-wide anti-bullying program should be introduced to make them understand social norms and what they should avoid to diminish their antisocial conduct.

  3. Loopholes in the administration and teaching

    It is unfortunate, but over the years, most middle schools in the U.S.A. have had teachers with no major or minor degree or certification in the subjects they have been appointed to teach young teenagers. Their development training is at risk as there is no evidence-based framework of teachers’ training showing their professional development. This evidence-based professional training model should be adopted in order to better subject-specific expertise and pedagogical skills. Principals too lack proper training in disciplinary issues which compresses the time and effort they could invest in other leadership functions. Having discussed roles, especially management roles, principals can foster their managerial responsibilities to create a school environment that contributes to training and learning. (Also see: 5 Reasons Why Middle Schools Should Use Social Media For Education.

  4. Lack of parental support

    The declining parental involvement as students get promoted to middle schools, as per research, shows how the effect of middle schools can be kind of negative on a middle school student’s emotional growth. Middle schools need to build curriculum that includes activities that boost the bonding between the students and their parents. These activities can be payed at home while making child-parent mental compatibility even stronger.

What could be done to bring about a reform?

New Models for Child reform

No Child Left Behind Act brought about states to build school accountability arrangements based on student assessments held annually. Such school reforms give way to professional development training that caters to academic achievements and the mental development of young adolescents. If enforced in full swing, these models will strengthen middle schools to achieve higher levels of laurels that are intended by NCLB for all schools. But, here lies a slight problem, and that is the academic testing proposed may just concentrate on students’ leveling up as per their academic achievements and not so much on their developmental requirements. Though academic excellence depends partly on their development too. Apart from this, proper federal and state backup should make schools and students meet the new reforms. This type and reach of the new middle-grade standards efforts needs the coordinated support of different foundations. Coherence between the right student conditions and institutional improvement will boost student development and educational evolution in the middle schools in America. You will find this more relevant if you check our email addresses of middle school.

If you need progress, you need to accept change and change comes with new thought, and new beginning; which USA is nurturing. K12 Lists encourages this idea with its belief in the American school education system, and that shows in its exclusive finds of email list of middle schools in USA.