September 1, 2013

Capitalize on the $7 Trillion Education Industry

The education industry has evolved to adopt technology-enabled solutions that are customized to each student. Here are stats that validate the fact that the $7 trillion education industry is an opportunity marketers cannot miss:
  • Online learning enrollment has grown by 17% versus higher education enrollment.
  • Teachers are utilizing and accepting online learning tools. 
            95% of teachers feel that they engage students more than traditional methods. 
            93% of teachers feel that they improve overall performance of students.
  • Cost saving – By going digital, online tools and eLearning saves cost by 40% as compared to the investment in instructor-led training. The cost of 1 hour of instruction for 100 students is:
          $9,500 through eLearning
          $17,000 through instructor-led training
  • There is an increase in use of combined teaching method of classroom instruction and online tools. The projected growth of combined learning solutions is by 47% in 2014 and 98% by 2020.


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