September 6, 2013

Mobilize an Army of Students for Your Marketing Channel

Are you constrained by tight budgets?
Are your marketing channels inadequate?
Have you ever thought about the power students have to implement a marketing program?

Students are great source of getting your marketing plan into action. Not only are they enthusiastic, they are diligent, creative and resourceful. You may wonder if this concept would be favored by educators and schools. This idea provides students with an opportunity to learn how ‘real world’ planning and implementation takes place. Given the opportunity they get to learn and the exposure they obtain to potential employers is a strong point that gains a positive vote from school administrations.

Like using any other channel strategy, you need to make a plan. 
  • You need make a plan and select schools that are best suited to build the program
  • You need to assign a teacher to handle day-to-day operation of the program
  • You need to set aside dollars for your student ‘agency’ to manage and include rewards as a part of the budget.
  • You need to spend time to discus and guide your student agency to support their efforts in implementing the plan.

While using a student group to create, manage and implement your marketing plan, there are few aspects that need to be kept in mind:
  • Give yourself at least six months to draft a plan and select the best suited schools.
  • Set aside at a month to communicate your concept to schools you plan on working with. It is important that you have strong support from teachers and administrators.
  • Ensure the teacher assigned to manage your program is committed and is driven to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Keep your student agency in the loop from the beginning. Treat them as you treat a professional agency. 
  • During implementation, it will be productive to measure the performance of the student agency and provide constructive feedback and guidance to help them perform better.
  • Make sure to acknowledge and reward students and teachers who are actively involved and providing positive results.
  • Get your management involved to reward participants with recognition letters and certificates.

By keeping these aspects in mind, it is possible to utilize a group of students to implement your marketing plan. The end result is that, in a few hundred dollars and little time on management, you have a rocking plan and an effective and low-cost marketing channel.

Let students get a feel of the real world
Mobilize them to build your ‘agency’

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