March 31, 2017

How School Administrators work in the USA

School Administrator
School Administrator

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  – President John Quincy Adams
The education industry is growing fast and the decision makers leave no stones unturned when it comes to making schools well-equipped with the most recently introduced technology, books, food and educational facilities. As per the published 2013 data by BLS, Education Administrators in elementary, middle, and high schools earned a salary worth $90,670. 226,760 of such school educational administrators were employed across the USA.

Tests a School Administrator should take
It begins with earning a teaching certificate, so that the state will accept the applicants in the teaching position. Alongside, the states will also ask for a certificate that proves the passing of an administration exam so that the applicant can use it to apply for the school administrator position later. The Administration and Supervision exam for PRAXIS Educational Leadership is what most states will conduct and accept, while other states may have their specific examination.

Scores for all competency exams may differ from state to state, and sometimes even from district to district, so the cutoff scores may also differ as per the district the applicant decides to work in. This allows proper decision-making in setting the career base as a school administrator.

Educational Administrator’s job positions
What makes a school administrator an educational administrator? The answer is diligence and willingness to explore the uncertainties coming in the way. To become an inspirational leader, manager and educator at school, a school administrator must provide the adequate tools to students they need to develop their cognitive skills and understandings of the environment. It is very similar to functioning like a CEO at charge in a company. Education administrators have various roles to play in  preschools, schools and colleges. Let us run you through a few positions educational administrators may hold in schools:

  • Preschool Director or Dean
  • School Principal
  • Vice or Assistant principal
  • School Superintendent
  • School District Administrator 
  • College or University President
  • Private School Dean 
  • Admissions Director 

School Administrator Job Role

  • To hire and supervise teachers
  • To prepare and discuss balance budgets
  • To make school rules and policies
  • To plan calendars for academic events and school holidays
  • To involve in public relations
  • To supervise student recruitment and admissions
  • To supervise school requirements like finances, infrastructure, extra-curricular activities for students, etc.
Schools have huge student counts and the responsibility of a school administrator increases with every student taking admission. So, it needs someone with a strategical bent of mind that amplifies his or her leadership and communication abilities. This position should be give to a person who can easily interact with school teachers, students and their parents and also collaborate with community members during different events. An organized mind patient enough to effectively juggle different day-to-day responsibilities can become a worthy education administrator at the school level. 

Written By: Jennifer Einstein
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