March 24, 2017

Teaching Pre-requisites in the United States

Public School Teachers in USA
Did you know America is accepting teachers from all parts of the word? Yes, and the best part is a particular certification is required for the same. With English-as-a-second-language certification,  teachers can easily get into public schools in the USA or into adult  English-as-a-second-language programs. There are regions with proven migrations of refugee communities. People from such communities send their children to public schools and so teachers teaching in such schools are in high demand. Mentioning a few of the places in America accepting English-as-a-second-language teachers are- Florida, California, Illinois, Texas, New York, and other countries. This includes urban as well as rural areas. ESL teaching and other education-based jobs in the USA are drafted under strict employment terms and conditions.

In case of Public Schools- From Pre K–12

As much as teaching is a good job in the USA, but there are ground rules for every benefiting job. In U.S. public schools, teaching positions need a teaching license, issued by the state they want to work in, from the applicant in subjects they prefer to teach. Most will refer to this license as a certificate or certification. But remember, this certificate is way different from certificates like  Trinity, CELTA and others, as they are not applicable for employment in USA public schools.So teachers looking forward to applying in public schools in the United States, should acquire this certificate as a licensure that through the Education Department in the state in which they plan to work. Every state has different academic requirements that the candidates need to meet. At least a Bachelor's degree in education is necessary for licensure, though Master’s degree is what of the states are looking forward to.

Licensure requirements 
About licensure requirements- every teacher needs to show that despite originating from a specific country in which they acquired their education. For those who receive degrees in TESOL or a degree in a related field in one of the United States, may have an plus-point in getting through a U.S. public school. So, if you need a licensure, apply for a university program in TESOL as it is designed in a way that fits best for the state licensure. But if you hold a degree in a field different from TESOL, you have to apply for a coursework in TESOL to be added as a supplement.  If the degree has been obtained outside the USA, you will have to furnish elaborate details of your coursework looking at which the state licensure authorities will evaluate the validity of your certification.

Adult and Higher Education

Adult educational programs offer certain ESL instructions, and these are provided local education institutes that build community-driven programs. The immigrants to the United States may want to learn speaking in English and understand the U.S. culture along side. Such programs are held during the day and during the evenings, and at time during weekends to fit in with the work schedule of adult learners. The majority of ESL teaching positions in adult education are part-time. To teach such learners, state certification is required along with a master's degree in TESOL or a similar field.

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