April 6, 2017

K12 Schools in the U.S. Known For Innovation

K12 Schools
K12 Schools
“Innovation with the right intention never loses its way but meets the right destination.”
Innovation, meaning bringing in novelty, unconventionality, dynamics, and separation from norms. In education it can bring technology-based teaching methods, field studies, community-based teachings, etc. Have you heard of the floating school? Lagos, Nigeria has one like that named Makoko Floating School. Better even to think of a school that is unbiased towards particular gender, like Egalia pre-school in Stockholm. So, what have K12 schools in the U.S. to offer to the  education sector in the coming times? We do not know, but what we know is progress is already begun on these lines, and we are yet to witness. For now, let us concentrate on the already talked about innovative American K12 schools:

E3 Civic High (San Diego, California)
San Diego Public Library has the best charter high school named e3 Civic high school. This school was founded in 2013. The school largely depends on its library for new innovations in education. E# considers the library its home that provides co-education to its students. So, if you hear about the number of books the students have access to, you will be impressed. Let us give you an estimate here: say bout 409 students are able to access to 1.2 million plus books in the library. Added to this,  reading rooms, art gallery and auditorium are within the students’ access all the time. Do you like the idea of motor or vehicle themed classrooms? So, there you have it all set in e3. The classrooms have furniture on wheels; and walls are meant for building on ideas, problem solving, etc., given the fact that 77% of its students are below poverty level. What do they offer as part of their education curriculum? Biotechnology, medical biology and Bio Engineering. Wonder if every school provides a MacBook Air computer; this school allows high schoolers to take it home.
STAR School (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Some charter schools are limited to the 8th grade. But that does not keep it from innovating new ways of grooming student development. STAR is a K-8 charter school that is environment inclined. So, how did begin? They opened in 2001, and provided power the school with 245 solar panels and two wind generators. The school holds Arizona’s largest Native American Reservation with 130 students as members of both the regional community and Navajo Nation. Environmental sustainability is integrated in the school curriculum. They conduct a program named "farm to school," which facilitated the supply of fresh fruits produces in the neighboring Navajo farms. These are included in school lunches. This process also included students’ tour to farms that help them to learn about agriculture and the local and neighboring community.

Alliance School (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
This charter high school happened in 2005, and is known for its anti-bullying mission. When the school witnessed 196 students experiencing harassment or bullying in their former schools, it took it into serious consideration to protect students of any class, ability and economic status from domineering situations. Other challenges that school faced was to help students about 76% of them from low-income families and 28% with disabilities to get involved in extracurricular activities that teach them about various societal norms, cultures, tastes. They were introduced to unexplored communities soas to increase their awareness against bullying. So, most students go back as messengers of anti-bullying.

There are various organizations associating with such schools to contribute to their development. If there is any difficulty, it is with ignorance, which if shed, a lot many positive changes will appear in the k12 schools.  

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