July 22, 2013

How to make education marketing data your most valuable asset

  • Only 12% of companies depend on intelligence from quality data - Forrester
  • This could cost companies approximately $8.2 million a year - Gartner

http://k12educationlists.wufoo.com/forms/i-am-interested/ Data quality is about the level of fitness in context with the end use for which it was created. It is about completeness, accuracy, correctness, credibility and currency. It need not necessarily be about the percentage of addresses that are incorrect, a score on accuracy, the number of incorrect fields or number of null entries in the database.

For us at K12 Lists, data quality is a business need. Here’s how we maintain quality data:

  • A manual check and data updation is done on an ongoing basis
  • Data is downloaded from external sources every month and fields are updated frequently
  • Tele-verification and email verification results are consistently maintained
  • Invalid and non-existent records are flagged separately
  • A set of data quality processes known as Input Editing Standards (IES) is created and implemented

So, how do you maintain quality?
Let us provide you with a competitive edge with quality data
And make it your most valuable corporate asset

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