February 23, 2017

Are You Cut Out For High School? Find out with This Quiz!

High school is a very crucial stage for building up a student's academic career. This specific stage helps the students to enhance knowledge, as well as prepare them to face the “real world” outside. After completing primary education, students start their journey towards the higher academic path. High schools are the primary base - standing on which students begin their journey of specialized education. This very period allows them to gradually proceed towards their dream of becoming someone. But, wait! First, you have to make sure that you are mentally/intellectually and emotionally prepared to crack the admission tests! The academic pressure is going to be a lot and it’s a good idea to know if you are cut out for the high school life or not!

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Here are some practice questions that will help you to find out if you are ready for high school or you need some more time to prepare:

1) Which of the following is most similar in meaning to “particular”?

a) Special b) Simple c) Careful d) Specific e) Obvious

2) In a coded language- MISE KUMP GOTH means MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM, GOTH WUIM FREK KOMP means MOM IS MERRY TODAY, and KIMP WUIM FREK KOMP. Now, which coded word means “Christmas”?


3) Four of the following words are similar in a certain way. Find the odd one out.

a) Peculiar b) Conventional c) Conservative d) Traditional e) Typical

4) Rachel purchased a second hand car for $6,000 and paid 15% deposit. How much he has still left to pay?

a) $900 b) $5,000 c) $4,500 d) $5,100 e) None of these

5) According to this series, what number should come next?- 7,10,8,11, 9,12,...?

a) 7 b) 10 c) 13 d) 24 e) 12

6) Marathon is to race as Hibernation is to...?

a) Bear b) Dream c) Winter d) Sleep e) Period

7) Yard is to inch as Quart is to...?

a) Liquid b) Milk c) Ounce d) Gallon e) Unit

8) People “speculate” when they consider a situation and assume something to be true based on inconclusive evidence. According to you, which situation below can be the best example for the word “speculation”?
  1. George spends 35 minutes sitting in traffic and wishes that he could take the bus instead of driving
  2. When John opened the gate with tears, Emily guessed that he had a death in his family
  3. Frankie decides that it would be appropriate to wear jeans and t-shirt in her new office on Friday after reading about “Casual Fridays” in her employee handbook
  4. Elsa decided to keep the meeting on Sunday, as she has to for the weekly book-club meeting on Saturday
  5. After consulting several travel agents, Alex is now confident about the hotel she has chosen

If you are able to answer these questions correctly, getting into one of the best high schools in the USA will not be a problem for you! All the best with that!

Answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-D, 5-B, 6-D, 7-C, 8-2

Written By: Linda Martin
Written For: K12 Lists

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