February 27, 2017

6 Tools and Apps for every student in Secondary Schools for K12 Lists

What makes a secondary school worth studying in for a student? In most cases, what the school offers in terms of education tools or applications that kindle the interest in them to do better in their studies and understand technology even better. The role of classroom technology helps students understand the usage of a new tool that is designed to improve their learning. Education apps may increase in number, but secondary schools need to stick to certain apps and tools that adhere to the secondary school education pattern. Let us walk you through 6 most used education apps and tools in secondary schools:


Are you inquisitive about an app which is all game and yet provides some learning? This app includes both game and learning modes; so they can get facts about anything related to their subjects. It can be installed on iPhone. Students can play games answering certain questions, related to the information they receive, against the clock. Thereby, they can score points.


Want to create mind-blowing quizzes? This app has it all to help teachers with features that help them to create fun quizzes for classroom interaction. This app uses Google Forms, meaning it works online. It is free to install and helps teachers to custom-build quizzes for students as per their grades, for instance, secondary school students.

Spelling City 

Spell check students? Spelling City comes with 25 web-based spelling games. The words can be connected to make a sentence, and also add vocabulary to classroom content. This app also helps to share the class room spelling sessions with parents. Get the version free on iPhone or iPad.


Teachers, do you want your students to name the images they create or download from a source? Then why not help them with Thinglink? This app allows one to include text to images. Alternatively, a video or a website link can be added to the image. So, students, how about making your visual assignment efforts more likable by your teachers?


Student turned Google users can switch to instaGrok for all web related information on education. This search engine furnishes images, videos, and articles, etc. depending on every student’s inquiry, and thereby, develops research abilities. Your students’ research topic search will enhance and become more to-the-point with regular practice.


Infographic is the in thing in education now. So, what are you thinking students and teachers? Why not include Easel.ly in your to-use app for studies? This tool renders a set of themes to be used on any blank canvas. For instance, the USA map with statistics settings. Why would you not want to introduce it in your curriculum as part of classroom technology?

What is the prize of an effort if it is not challenged? So, teachers and students, challenge your skills with technology and groom your skill-set with the latest versions of educational tools and apps.

Written By: Jennifer Einstein
Written For: K12 Lists

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